The Black Crowes

Табы The Black Crowes на композиции:
  1. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
  2. By Your Side
  3. Diamond Ring
  4. Downtown Money Waster
  5. Go Faster
  6. Go Tell The Congregation
  7. Gone
  8. Hard To Handle
  9. Heavy
  10. Horsehead
  11. Jealous
  12. Miracle To Me (Intro)
  13. Only A Fool
  14. Remedy
  15. Seeing Things
  16. She Talks To Angels
  17. Sister Luck
  18. Sometimes Salvation
  19. Sting Me
  20. Then She Said My Name
  21. Thorn In My Pride (intro)
  22. Welcome To The Good Times
  23. Wiser Time (Intro)
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