Табы Anti-Flag на композиции:
  1. 911 For Peace
  2. A New Kind Of Army
  3. America Got It Rihgt
  4. Angry, Young And Poor
  5. Angry, Young And Poor
  6. Bring Out Your Dead
  7. Captain Anarchy
  8. Culture Revolution
  9. Die For Your Government
  10. Free Nation
  11. Got The Numbers
  12. Mumia 's Song
  13. No Borders No Nations
  14. Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L)
  15. Punk By The Book
  16. Sold As Freedom
  17. Stars & Stripes
  18. Tearing Down The Borders
  19. Tearing Everyone Down
  20. That 's Youth
  21. The School Of Assassins
  22. This Machine Kills Fiscists
  23. Turncoat
  24. Watch The Right
  25. You 'd Do The Same
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