Табы Emperor на композиции:
  1. Acclamation Of Bonds
  2. Alsvartr The Oath
  3. Beyond The Great Vast Forest
  4. Cosmic Keys To My Creation And Times
  5. Curse You All Men
  6. Decrystallizing Reason
  7. Emperor - With Strength I Burn
  8. Empty
  9. Ensorcelled By Khaos
  10. Forgotten Centuries
  11. Inno A Satana
  12. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts
  13. In Longing Spirit
  14. In The Wordless Chamber
  15. I Am The Black Wizards
  16. Lord Of The Storms
  17. Loss And Curse Of Reverance
  18. Moon Over Kara Shehr
  19. Night Of The Graveless Souls
  20. Nonus Aequilibrium
  21. Of Blindness And Subsequent Seers
  22. The Burning Shadows Of Silence
  23. The Eruption
  24. The Loss And Curse Of Reverence
  25. The Majesty Of The Night Sky
  26. The Prophet
  27. The Source Of Icon E
  28. The Tongue Of Fire
  29. The Wanderer
  30. Towards The Pantheon
  31. Witches Sabbath
  32. With Strangth I Burn
  33. Wrath Of The Tyrant
  34. Ye Entrancemperium
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