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Табы Trivium на композиции:
  1. and sadness will sear
  2. anthem
  3. ascendancy
  4. a grey so dark
  5. a gunshot to the head of trepdation
  6. a skylines severance
  7. becoming the dragon
  8. broken one intro
  9. built to fall
  10. capsizing the sea
  11. chaos reigns
  12. contempt breeds contamination
  13. crusade
  14. departure
  15. detonation
  16. down from the sky
  17. drowning in slow motion
  18. dying in your arms
  19. ember to inferno
  20. entrace of the conflagration
  21. if i could collapse the masses
  22. ignition
  23. inception of the end
  24. in waves
  25. iron maiden
  26. kirisute gomen
  27. like light to flies
  28. master of puppets metallica cover
  29. of all these yesterdays
  30. pull harder on the strings of your martyr
  31. rain
  32. rain 2
  33. requiem
  34. rising
  35. shattering the skies above
  36. slave new world sepultura cover
  37. suffocating sight
  38. the crusade
  39. the deceived
  40. this world cant tear us apart
  41. torn between scylla and charybdis
  42. to the rats
  43. tread the floods
  44. unrepentant
  45. upon the shores
  46. vengeance
  47. washing away me in the tides
  48. watch the world burn
  49. when all light dies
В архиве находятся табулатуры в разных аранжировках, все табы Trivium можно скачать одним архивом с нашего сайта бесплатно.
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