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Табы Zebrahead на композиции:
Табы Zebrahead на композиции:
  1. Anthem
  2. Back To Normal
  3. Broadcast To The World
  4. Burn The School Down
  5. Death By Disco
  6. Falling Appart
  7. Get Back
  8. Hello Tomorrow
  9. Hell Yeah
  10. Heres To You
  11. His World
  12. Hit The Ground
  13. Hmp Solo
  14. Ignite
  15. Into You
  16. I Am
  17. Just The Tip
  18. Karma Flavored Whiskey
  19. Lighting Rod
  20. Lobotomy For Dummies Solo
  21. Mental Health
  22. Mike Dexter Is A God Mike Dexter Is A Role Model Mike Dexter Is An Asshole
  23. Now Or Never
  24. Over The Edge
  25. Photographs
  26. Playmate Of The Year
  27. Postcard From Hell
  28. Rated U For Ugly
  29. Rescue Me
  30. Riot Girl
  31. Runaway
  32. Someday
  33. Some Day
  34. Subtract You
  35. The Art Of Breaking Up Solo
  36. The Juggernauts
  37. The Junkie And The Halo
  38. The Real Me
  39. Veils And Visions
  40. Wake Me Up
  41. Walking Dead Solo
  42. Wasted
В архиве находятся табулатуры в разных аранжировках, все табы Zebrahead можно скачать одним архивом с нашего сайта бесплатно.
Для воспроизведения и редактирования таб, воспользуйтесь Guitar pro.
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